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Why Custom Made Clothing Matters

Posted by on Jan 1st 2021



When people hear custom made they immediately believe it is going to be too expensive. Your custom made clothes can last for years and years. You also are taking the a step to better your wardrobe, better your fit, and be more comfortable. It makes a world of difference. Think about your favorite piece of clothing. It is the one time you found that perfect fit and love wearing it. With custom made clothing you can have that perfect fit every time.

Your custom clothing defines your lifestyle, who you are and perhaps even your career. Your custom clothing can be customized to give you the confidence you need. When you walk into a room you attract attention with the clothes you have on. With a custom fit you Men’s Suit, Men’s Shirt or a beautiful dress your going to have the confidence to be the best you.

Our focus is to provide the best inspiration for Men and Women who want to find the right style. Everyone has a unique style and fit, we will help you find the style you are looking for and create the custom fit you want.

Give us a call at The House of Couture for your consultation, please call 925.943.1505

At The House of Couture we custom design wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, custom dresses, men’s suits and shirts, tuxedos, and more. We also now have ready to wear dresses and tops. Stop by our shop to see more

About the Owner

Sharifa Raouf
Sharifa Raouf began her career in fashion as an Assistant Designer to Anne Barge. After earning her degree in Fashion Design, and with years of training, Sharifa opened The House of Couture in 2006. Her experience creating custom designs for The Miss USA Pageant laid the foundation for the very successful couture wedding gown studio Sharifa operates today.